We will develop and implement a cancer recovery program for you based on your cancer diagnosis, blood work, pathology report, current medical status including prescription and OTC medications and upcoming treatments expected (surgery, chemo and/or radiation, gene therapies and more). This will enable us to be very specific in laying out a foundation for encouraging a safe journey and an early recovery complemented by the power of your personal intention. We will forward an intake record for you to complete regarding your health history, genetic background and your nutrition and lifestyle routine(s). 

You may choose from two different programs as follows: 

A one-hour telephone consult to talk about anything you like.   $150  
 The  fully personalized program based on the above information.  $500  

If you register for the One-Hour Phone Consult we will contact you via email immediately upon your registration.  We will  set up a convenient phone appointment time for you within 3 days. You do not pay anything additional for this call.  

Choose your option

If you register for the Fully Personalized Program we will arrange for you to receive the intake record by email, and then have you return that with the required reports by email also (recent blood work, pathology and medical status).  Your personal cancer coach program will be developed based on this information and returned to you by email within 3 business days. This is when we will set up an appointment time to discuss your program and to answer any questions you may  have.  Please allow a minimum of one hour to discuss your program in full over the phone with you.  ORDER HERE

All of our coaches are registered health practitioners from various backgrounds (registered nutritionists, naturopathic physicians, registered nurses, psychologists, oncologists and medical practitioners etc.) that have successfully completed (with a 90% or higher grade) the Certified Professional Cancer Coach education and training program.  Our program is based on the scientific and evidence based studies that have been completed by world renowned cancer researches and scientists, medical doctors, pHD researchers in cancer and the studies included in numerous medical journals…in addition to the latest cutting edge applications of therapies now showing promising results in improving the lives of cancer patients.  

All information you receive from us is to be shared with your physician to ensure the compatibility of this program to your health needs as determined by your medical team.